Managing Director South East Asia

Global Supply Chain Practice Head

Radu Palamariu is leading the team in South East Asia as Managing Director. He is the Practice Head for Global Logistics & Supply Chain.

Radu’s job is to connect you with global experts, thought leaders and executives in all things supply chain. He does his best to pick their brain on Supply Chain and Logistics leading-edge technologies, leadership stories, and personal success habits.

He has been working in consulting and executive search roles for the last decade. His focus: help businesses get better results! And build strong teams in the process. With a strong passion for logistics and supply chain. He is working with multinational companies and local conglomerates for their executive recruitment and board level appointments.

Radu’s focus is on end to end Supply Chain Executive Search: C-level, Vice President, General Management, Supply Chain leadership, Logistics leadership, Procurement leadership, Operations, Regional/Global Project Management appointments.


Technology has been rapidly changing the way we do business in the last few years across different industries. The Internet of Things (IoT) is now taking the form of the “Internet of Everything”, and the… Read More 

Supply chains revolutionized how our society runs, now supply chains are being revolutionized.

The name of the NEW game: blockchain! Supply chains can lack transparency and traceability. Two things at which blockchain is great at. Read More

Supply chains revolutionised how our society runs, now supply chains are being revolutionised. The name of the new game is blockchain. Supply chains often lack transparency and traceability, which are the two things that blockchain is great at. Read More

One of the essential elements of any business is Supply Chain. A healthy supply chain leads to a healthy organisation. With all the global changes (from the political to economic environment) organisations need to have the best people in the right places through their supply chain. Here are some of the most important trends to look at when managing your talent. Read More

According to DHL’s 2016 Trend Radar, the major influences on logistics and supply chain, what they called “megatrends,” are growing security awareness, the increased shift towards cleaner energy production and transportation, and further digitalization.

These megatrends translate into the need to develop more cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and eco-friendly solutions, especially for transportation. A lot of faith is being placed in the “Internet of Things” as the next big source of data that will enable higher degrees of efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility. Read More



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