In Asia (and anywhere else in the world), it is ALL about RELATIONSHIPS.
The whole Chinese world revolves around “Guanxi”, personal connection. And yet, incredible (and frustrating!) how few sales people understand this!

A lot of my clients are bombarded by sales pitches online and offline. On Linkedin there are so many people spamming their products and services around.

But the fundamental issue is that they go for volume. Not quality.
They go mass. Not depth.

Instead of trying to find some sort of personal connection. Something in common with the person to start the conversation.
They go directly for the “KILL”:
“This is my product … bla bla bla… would you want to meet?”[...] Read more

Cyber Security in Supply Chain. Is it that important?

This article was firsts published on my Linkedin Profile – here.

One thing is clear. Protecting your data is of most importance this day and age. Especially if you are multi million company with global or regional operations. You must take care that your computers, networks, programs are protected and your employees are trained. Cyber attacks can bleed companies of huge amounts of money.

The interconnection of the logistics sectors and their reliance on data/software to track the movement of goods makes industry a standout amongst the most exposed to the danger of cyber attacks.[...] Read more

Hottest Supply Chain Jobs in Asia Pacific

This article was firsts published on my Linkedin Profile – here.

According to DHL’s 2016 Trend Radar, the major influences on logistics and supply chain, what they called “megatrends,” are growing security awareness, the increased shift towards cleaner energy production and transportation, and further digitalization. These megatrends translate into the need to develop more cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and eco-friendly solutions, especially for transportation. A lot of faith is being placed in the “Internet of Things” as the next big source of data that will enable higher degrees of efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.[...] Read more