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#33: IBM and BlockChain

IBM and BlockChain Today I am happy to have with us Meeta Vouk, director of IBM Singapore Research Center and previously Chief Data officer Blockchain technologies. And the topic of our...

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#32: Laura Behrens Wu Founder & CEO at Shippo

Laura Behrens Wu Founder & CEO at Shippo It is my pleasure to have us with us today Laura Behrens Wu, CEO of Shippo. Shippo is the best multi-carrier...

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#31: Zvi Schreiber CEO at Freightos

Zvi Schreiber CEO at Freightos Today I am happy to have with us Zvi Schreiber CEO at Freightos.  Freightos is an online freight marketplace and SaaS software to usher...

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He is an expert in systems optimization, risk analysis, and supply chain management, which are the subjects he teaches and…

Tom has served also previously as President and CEO of Purolator in Canada, as well as had a long career in FedEx, having led as CEO the supply chain division…

Sanne joined Flexport in 2014, soon after the company’s start. As COO, he is responsible for operations, procurement, and carrier relations across all…

He is the global CEO of DHL e-commerce with 33 years of experience in Logistics across the globe. He has been Chief Executive Officer of DHL eCommerce at Deutsche Post AG since June 2016.

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