Most companies DO NOT KNOW how to TELL THEIR STORIES!

Top problem in employer branding today: most companies DO NOT KNOW how to TELL THEIR STORIES!

We do a lot of work in supply chain and logistics. The above applies too well. Apart from maybe 2-3 companies, I challenge anyone to find good examples of good story telling.

And that sucks!

Because potential employees want that! Need that! Especially young people nowadays.

They don’t join companies anymore. They join stories. That connect to their values.

So if your company is not doing it. You are missing out. If your CEO is not doing it, your company is missing out. For he or she is the face of the company.

And I do believe most companies actually have a story.

In supply chain, it can be around helping international trade. Helping people get stuff from all over the world, etc
Whatever is the unique one that matches also the company values.

There is hope – more and more from ecommerce front. (Charles Brewer giving you full credit!)

But we should make this point lounder!

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