“We need to recruit a new CXO. Can you search our competitors to see who is the best candidate?”

“We need to recruit a new CXO. Can you search our competitors to see who is the best candidate?”
This is the PROBLEM with some senior level searches today.

Companies are looking for more of the same. They want to hire the best from their competitors. And whilst in theory that is ok, that may not always be wisest.

Not in today’s context. Where the market is changing so fast. Where disruption is most likely coming from outside your industry.


Hire people who DON’T GIVE a DAMN about their CAREER!

Hire people who DON’T GIVE a DAMN about their CAREER!
They will teach you the most. And bring your business forward.

What do I mean by that?

Too many people in MNCs are political animals. Care too much about how the boss sees them. How their peers see them. How they look like when they do something.

If an organisation wants to move forward, it needs people who can speak up.

Challenge the norm.
Beg to differ.
Speak up.

Who stand up firstly for the right thing for the company.
For the clients.
NOT for what they think is best for their career![...] Read more

Most companies DO NOT KNOW how to TELL THEIR STORIES!

Top problem in employer branding today: most companies DO NOT KNOW how to TELL THEIR STORIES!

We do a lot of work in supply chain and logistics. The above applies too well. Apart from maybe 2-3 companies, I challenge anyone to find good examples of good story telling.

And that sucks!

Because potential employees want that! Need that! Especially young people nowadays.

They don’t join companies anymore. They join stories. That connect to their values.

So if your company is not doing it. You are missing out. If your CEO is not doing it, your company is missing out. For he or she is the face of the company.[...] Read more


In Asia (and anywhere else in the world), it is ALL about RELATIONSHIPS.
The whole Chinese world revolves around “Guanxi”, personal connection. And yet, incredible (and frustrating!) how few sales people understand this!

A lot of my clients are bombarded by sales pitches online and offline. On Linkedin there are so many people spamming their products and services around.

But the fundamental issue is that they go for volume. Not quality.
They go mass. Not depth.

Instead of trying to find some sort of personal connection. Something in common with the person to start the conversation.
They go directly for the “KILL”:
“This is my product … bla bla bla… would you want to meet?”[...] Read more

Tens and hundreds of people saying “Thank YOU!”


Just had lunch with the CEO of a multinational company. After a couple of decades with the company, he decided to step down.
Having announced his departure, what happened last couple of months shocked him!

Tens and hundreds of people messaged him to say “Thank YOU”. Tens of people cried when they heard the news. One colleague he had not spoken in 15 years called him to tell him how much he had impacted his career and life.

In a word, he was positively shocked!!

I asked him why. His response:[...] Read more

Leaving after a few months…

One of my friends, a senior level executive, recently decided to leave the company he had joined less than 6 months ago. The environment was bad. Scope of role changed 2nd week after joining. Initial commitments were not honored. In short, horror story!

That being said, that left him with the issue that he now has a “stain” on the CV. And of course needs to look for another role.

So what to do next?

Probably the best thing is try to move on as quickly as possible.

Always hard to do as this is a painful experience! But such times are most of the times a “blessing in disguise”. And the ideal use of this situation is to go all out and explore many other different avenues and roles that may come up.[...] Read more

Monday Blues – only if you choose so…

“- How are you today?
– Oh, Monday Blues! How good can you feel on a Monday!”

Have you heard something like this?

To me, it happens every Monday. That at least one person I ask gives that answer. Or something close to that.

And it is sad! Really!
And especially if the candidate is a senior executive. In the “Monday Blues” mood, how can you possibly inspire and lead anyone?!?

And if anything, we should feel excited to go to work. It is where we spend the most time.
And I may be idealistic, but we do live in a world where there are plenty of opportunities.[...] Read more

HR should act like MARKETEERS!

HR should act like MARKETEERS!

In today’s world where we get so much of our information online, from social media and channels, it is crucial for companies to have a strong online employer brand.
And HR needs to act like MK!!

Candidates look at your LinkedIn page. At your Glassdoor reviews. At your Youtube. etc

What is shocking – quite a few HR departments don’t understand this!
Won’t name anybody, but big organisations don’t get this. Mind boggling!

That being said, there are a few HR professionals that do get it. That do broadcast their companies and make sure the values are out there. And attract talent. And of course, those companies shine![...] Read more

How to Screw up a TEAM

How to Screw up a TEAM:
Show zero empathy! Don’t listen to your team! Only care about your interest!

One of my close friends, a senior executive in a Fortune 50 MNC shared with me how his boss understands to do performance reviews.
He asked him what his plan was for the next year. Then did absolutely nothing to help him in his future plans.

Why? Because the boss needs him too much. And cannot take the short term pain of losing him from his team.
But long term, this is not a good! It will send an example to the team he doesn’t listen. That he doesn’t care to develop them. he only cares about his interest.
And then the team of course will get disengaged.
And some of the them, the better ones first!, will leave![...] Read more

Recruiters are JERKS! Dishonest! Lack ethics!

Recruiters are JERKS! Dishonest! Lack ethics!
This is the feedback from a good friend of mine about recruiters. It shook me!

But to be fair, I can understand her point of view. There are plenty of recruiters who don’t care past their personal objective of making money. They are not into long term! Don’t care so much about their candidates. And just push CVs around!

And whilst I do get that these individuals have created a bad reputation to the industry. That is NOT what recruitment is about.[...] Read more