#09: Chang Wen Lai CEO at Ninja Van

Chang Wen Lai CEO at Ninja Van

Chang Wen Lai CEO at Ninja Van

This is episode #09 and it is my pleasure to have as a guest Chang Wen Lai CEO of Ninja Van.
At 27 and with no logistics experience, Lai Chang Wen started a company that netted $45m in investments. The learning curve was steep and it meant 22-hour work days, sleeping in the office, and even sorting parcels and doing deliveries himself.

Ninja Van went on to redefine the industry by enabling next-day door-to-door deliveries for e-commerce firms and their customers And right now Ninja Van is one of the most successful start up stories in the logistics space. Having grown in a short span to a regional player, Ninja Van has a presence in Southeast Asia. Apart from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, they are operating in Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam too. And they are currently delivering close to 100,000 parcels per day.

Stay tuned as we cover:

  • Route Optimization. Would AI be an important factor in improving it?
  • Why the founders of Ninja Van work so well together.
  • The importance of being hungry to learn and having less ego when working in a start-up. 
  • If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in South East Asia –  Don’t get married!

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The interview is split into 3 parts – so if you want to skip directly to the point  of interest please go ahead:

  • [01:36] Part 1: Industry Trends
  • [08:35] Part 2: Talent and Recruitment in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • [13:55] Part 3: Personal success stories and habits

Episode #09: Chang Wen Lai CEO at Ninja Van


Show notes:


Part 1 – Industry Trends:

  • [01:36] Talking about the journey so far but also what is next for Ninja Van.
  • [03:05] Artificial intelligence. Do you think it has the potential to disrupt industry?
  • [05:36] Route Optimization. Would AI be an important factor in improving it?
  • [06:17] Without accurate address, there’s no route optimization. The question then is how do you get accurate address?

Part 2 – Talent and Recruitment:

  • [08:35] The founders of Ninja Van. Tell us a little bit how did you get together? Any secrets for you working together very good as a team?
  • [10:52] Fresh blood in the team. Tell us a little bit about skill sets, and what mindset are you looking for when you are recruiting talent to move the company forward?
  • [12:17] How can you tell if somebody has the desire, the hunger to learn but at the same time less ego?

Part 3 – Personal success stories and habits:

  • [13:55] What does the word ‘entrepreneurship’ mean to you?
  • [14:14] It’s always focusing on what’s next and remembering what’s behind which makes you an entrepreneur.
  • [15:10] If you are an entrepreneur, you should  first “throw away your face” [ego] assuming you have nothing to start with, then you will have everything to gain
  • [15:27] Talking about advice you received through your journey as an entrepreneur. That you think was really valuable or it really stuck with you?
  • [17:23] Is there any personal habit that you think contributes to your success?
  • [19:48] Are there any resources that you keep yourself updated to learn to keep the trains on your desk?
  • [20:32] If you can give some advice to somebody graduating university what would it be?
  • [20:51] First advice is don’t get married. A little bit funny but why[..]


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